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Former Hummingbird Spa Calgary Medical Director Moves on to VMediSpa™

During the time Dr. V was medical director for Hummingbird Spa in Calgary, it is considered by many Alberta residents to be the city’s finest medical clinic.  Dr. V has over a decade’s worth of experience in the skin care industry.  With its high standards and affordable prices, Hummingbird Spa is, to put it modestly, a byword.  Now that Dr. V is no longer with the company, are there any alternatives for customers who consider the good doctor’s services second to none?

Yes, there is an alternative, and that is Dr. V’s new company, VMediSpa.  As VMediSpa’s medical director, the former Hummingbird Spa Calgary director brings all those years of experience in providing quality skin care services to its clients.  Services include laser hair removal, BOTOX treatment, Eminence Facial and massage therapy.  Dr. V has spent years training in both North America and Europe alike, pursuing postgraduate learning in an effort to provide only the safest, most effective and often most affordable services to individuals looking for skin care solutions.

Dr. V caters to a wide range of different patients, from small children suffering from skin conditions, to elderly patients suffering from the effects of aging.  This is a carryover from his days at Hummingbird Spa Calgary, where he developed a reputation for being one of his former company’s top specialists in a number of different areas.  As stated on the VMediSpa website, the doctor’s focus is not on vanity, but rather on the self image and wellness.

As mentioned above, two of VMediSpa’s most popular services include BOTOX treatment and laser hair removal.  The former is a process that involves injection of botulinum, the natural toxin sold under the name BOTOX, in an effort to remove facial wrinkles without having to undergo surgery.  Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is a relatively painless form of treatment that targets melanin cells to prevent most unwanted hair from growing back.  These are services that Hummingbird Spa Calgary also offers, but with its former medical director Dr. V onboard at V-Spa, we shouldn’t expect a drop-off in quality between both skin care clinics.

Find out more about Dr. V’s cosmetic treatments and services, click here.


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