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Acne Treatment – How to Save Money on Your Acne Treatment Regimen

Acne is not a condition that is, as stereotypes suggest, exclusive to teenagers and young adults.  It is not something that will go away with age – in fact, many sufferers have to deal with acne well into adulthood.  It is a skin condition that occurs due to the buildup of oil and bacteria in the skin’s pores; once these pores are clogged, this causes the unsightly red spots that are a telltale sign of acne.  Treatment in Calgary, however, does not always require a trip to the doctor.  Good skin care and spa treatments, such as Eminence Facials (using organic products) and Environ Facials (a medical grade facial) can yield great results.  You may also want to consider BLU-U ™ acne treatments.


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