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Get Rid of Those Acne Scars With Chemical Peel

 chemical peel

If you’re looking for a form of treatment that would consign your acne scars to history, your best option is chemical peel.  For Calgary residents, there isn’t any better choice, really.  Chemical peel treatment is considered a great way to quickly make the scars fade away, especially with the modern-day advances that make this form of treatment more effective than ever before.  Here are some facts on chemical peel and why this is the alternative more and more people go for when trying to remove acne scars.


Chemical peels in Calgary are performed by removing the top layer of skin.  This would allow healthy skin to grow back in its place, which would allow for fast healing of acne scars.  There is a possibility the acne scars may be gone for good following such a procedure, but at the very least, there would be a great deal of improvement.

Before undergoing chemical peel treatment in Calgary, you should always see a dermatologist or any other medical professional who specializes in skin care.  Such a person would be able to determine whether chemical peel is the right type of treatment for your acne scars.  It all depends on your complexion, how sensitive your skin is and how severe your acne scars may be.  Even the minutiae of acne and acne scars, such as the amount of oil, could be used to determine whether chemical peel is right for you.

A medical professional can choose one of several types of chemical peel for the Calgary based client.  If the scarring is not that severe, then the option would either be alphahydroxy or betahydroxy.  These acids are comparatively mild, but there may be some irritation experienced for less than a week.  Salicylic acid is somewhere in the middle, but can still be considered mild by some skin care specialists; it also takes a relatively short time to heal.  And for those with extreme scarring, phenol and trichloroacetic acid would likewise be potent acids that may require a much longer healing period.  Still, the wait would be worth it as these elements are best in the quick and permanent elimination of acne scars.

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