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A Brief Background on Calgary Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removalIn Calgary, the laser hair removal clinic you choose can be a very important decision.  You shouldn’t go for the clinic that offers the best and lowest rates, because by doing so you are often risking the chance of a botched medical procedure that could lead to some serious complications.  Of course, saving money is paramount these days, but if you see a clinic whose prices are too good to be true, then they probably are.  Reading up on the reputation of each Calgary laser hair removal clinic you have on your shortlist is important before choosing one.  Here are some other things to remember if you are on a search for a reputable, affordable and skilled laser hair removal specialist in the Calgary area.

For starters, laser hair removal is considered one of the safest alternatives when trying to remove unwanted bodily hair.  The problem of unwanted body hair, medically known as hirsutism, can cause severe image and self-esteem problems, which is why medical science has evolved to a point where laser treatment to remove this unwanted hair has become safer and more advanced than ever.  Calgary laser hair removal, like other similar solutions in other parts of the world, would involve the use of a laser beam to attack the skin’s hair-producing cells, or melanin.  Melanin is also the element that is responsible for dark pigmentation, and when this is attacked by the laser, hair follicles heat up, and it becomes impossible for new hairs to grow.  Usually, it is women who receive this type of treatment, although there are some men who opt for laser hair removal.

Calgary Laser hair removal is not a procedure that is 100 percent pain-free.  There may be some pain, but compared to other procedures, laser hair removal is relatively painless in comparison.  It is also not recommended for all types of people, so one should seek medical advice from a doctor before even scouting for laser hair removal providers.  Due to the more advanced technologies used these days, laser hair removal can also be done on people with darker skin or certain hair colors, though again, you should always ask for a doctor’s advice first.  And it may take several repeated treatments before the Calgary laser hair removal procedure can be called permanent; this is because dormant hair follicles are not affected by the laser beams.


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