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Clear + Brilliant: An Effective Laser Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation

Clear + BrilliantIntroducing Clear + Brilliant, a safe, unique laser skin treatment to effectively recover your skin’s glow, luminosity and smoothness. Whether you’re looking to correct early signs of aging, or simply maintain the look of your skin, this new approach to laser skin enhancement is right for you. Uniquely refreshing your skin from inside out,  Clear + Brilliant uses fractional laser technology to create millions of microscopic treatments zones in your skin, where damaged skin is replaced with healthier, youthful tissue.

Clear + Brilliant can safely be used on both women and men, at any age, with any skin type. After each quick 20 minute treatment, you can expect improved skin tone, smoother skin texture, a reduction in the appearance of pores and finally, the glow and radiance of healthy, youthful skin. Also, effectively treat sun damage and even stubborn malasma. Results are both immediate and progressive which typically last for months. It’s comfortable, quick, with minimal downtime.

For more information about the Clear + Brilliant Laser Skin Treatment in Calgary or to book a free consultation, visit the VMediSpa website at www.V-Spa.ca or call 403.242.0484.

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