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C E Ferulic: SkinCeuticals Skin Care in Calgary

Introducing C E Ferulic, a high potency, triple antioxidant treatment from SkinCeuticals, which combines L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Ferulic acid.  Its antioxidant action provides advanced photoageing protection by neutralizing free radicals, while stimulating collagen synthesis.  Paired with laser resurfacing treatments, the topical uptake of Vitamin C is accelerated, while redness and downtime is minimized.  With this revolutionary product, you can expect more youthful skin and an overall youthful appearance.


With C E Ferulic, you can expect:VMediSpa Skin Care Line Calgary

– Reduction of inflammation and neutralization of free radicals

– Stimulation of collagen synthesis

– Enhancement of the skin’s natural photo-protection (by 8 times)

– A product containing no parabens, alcohols, silicones, fragrance or dyes


For more information on C E Ferulic and the SkinCeuticals Skin Care line, visit us at VMediSpa or call us at 403.242.0484.

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