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Dr. Adriaan

There are those who stay current with new technology and then there are those in front of the wave.

Dr. Adriaan Viljoen and his business partner, fall into the second category. As the owners of VMediSpa, a skin care and laser treatment clinic, they are on a continual pursuit to ensure their clients benefit from the latest innovations. It can be a challenge, but attending international conferences to keep abreast of the newest technology and breakthroughs has been key.

Born and raised in South Africa, Dr. Viljoen was pursuing his degree in medicine. After relocating to Saskatchewan in 1991, he moved to Calgary with his children in 2000, where Viljoen opened a family practice. “I had a great interest in cosmetic medicine and slowly started doing a little bit of Botox and a few chemical peels before I decided to expand in 2006,” says Dr. Viljoen. One of the most sought-after injectors in the country and a respected Allergen trainer for Botox and dermal fillers, he has been practising cosmetic medicine since 2001.

He is the former Medical Director for Hummingbird MediSpa and opened VMediSpa. Creating the MediSpa with a focus on finding the best solutions and results for each individual is rewarding and fulfilling. “We are a family business for all members of the family. We have clients who come for everything from pedicures to total facial rejuvenation.” Dr. Viljoen calls cosmetic medicine the perfect marriage of medicine and art.

Since no two faces are the same, he and his staff take the time to individualize every treatment. The VISIA Complexion Analysis provides a framework to create personalized facial rejuvenation programs for optimal improvement.

Dr. Viljoen want everyone to feel welcome at VMediSpa and that’s why they don’t charge for consultations. “We believe you should be able to come in and see what we are about and get to know us before you make any decisions,” Dr. Viljoen explains. The consultations give individuals a chance to ask questions and learn which treatments would most benefit their skin type. Now, more than ever, men and women can get dramatic results from non-invasive, quick procedures.

Dr. Viljoen, a fitness enthusiast who has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, is known as a general in the anti-aging army. Over the past decade, he has seen vast improvements in the science of anti-aging and his clients are the beneficiaries of his knowledge and experience.

Even 20 minutes can make a huge difference in a person’s self image and appearance. The advanced technology of the new Clear + Brilliant Laser can leave skin feeling smoother, reduce redness and provide a radiant glow in less than half an hour. It’s never too soon to start the anti-aging process.

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