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What you need to know about Botox® & Fillers

Are you considering joining the world of cosmetic injectables? At V-MediSpa we strive to educate our clients on product knowledge, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their treatment options. Here are some tips to take into consideration before deciding to invest in Botox® and/or Juvéderm® .

Lower prices for half syringes:

Something has got to give when it comes to lower prices in fillers. One dangerous practice you see is the use of a “half-syringe” of a filler (like Juvéderm®). As a rule, these products are not sold in half or partial portions. When you see this, there is a high likelihood that your injection might have been used on another customer. Because it can be contaminated, we don’t use the same product on different clients. When using Botox®, you want to avoid the chance of being undertreated. In other words, if you are trying to save money by using the least number of units, you may shorten the duration of your treatment resulting in more visits, or simply not achieve desired results.

There are different kinds of Juvéderm®:

Many customers shop around for prices and promotions, which is perfectly fine! What you should be aware of is the fact that there are many types of Juvéderm®, used for different areas of the face, as well as other brands of filler. Therefore, when shopping around for cosmetic injectables, be sure to inquire about the type of filler being used and if it will help you to achieve optimum results for the area you would like treated.

Going to other countries for cheap Botox®:

Don’t take risks with your health by getting Botox® in countries where injections might be cheaper. Different countries have different health regulations, training requirements, and so on.

Dr. Viljoen is one of the top injectors in Canada:

Dr. Viljoen (Dr. V) trains other physicians and nurses in the art of injecting with maximum results. As of December 015, Dr. V has personally injected 361,912 units of Botox®. Mandeep, our lead nurse trained extensively by Dr. V is known as the “queen of lips” – she has a reputation in Calgary for amazing results using fillers.

Should you be worried about Botox® parties?

V-MediSpa is obsessive about creating the best results possible for you. We recommend a clinical setting, like our MediSpa, as you want to ensure a clean and sterile environment. Botox® can only be purchased by a practicing physician, but there is a black market for it – you want to avoid ever having fake Botox® injected!

At V-MediSpa, our focus is on the most transformative experience possible. You can always count on the longest lasting treatments for both Botox® and  Juvéderm® because of our expertise and commitment to each patient.

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