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Youtrients™ → Personalized Supplements Based on your DNA

“One size fits all seldom works” –Dr. Mansoor Mohammed

Have you ever looked at the shelves lined with numerous vitamins and supplements at the drugstore and became confused about what to take and how much to take?

If you answered yes, look no further because ModifyBody™ is proud to partner up with Dr. Mansoor Mohammed and offer Youtrients™ at all VMediSpa and ModifyBody locations.

Youtrients™ manufactures personalized supplements for each of our clients based on their DNA.

Think about it, if your genes are unique to us, then our diet, exercise plans and supplements should also be unique. Using a simple saliva sample, Youtrients™ will analyze your genetic profile using Nutrigenomics and design personalized supplements to optimize your health for your lifestyle.

Youtrients™ will be doing a Calgary media tour and will be featured on Breakfast TV in early October providing us with tips and tricks to better manage the upcoming cold and flu season.

Finally, mark your calendars for the upcoming ModifyBody™ and Youtrients™ event featuring guest speaker Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, genomicist and personalized medicine guru.

Call 403.242.0484 to register now!

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