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International Master Course on Aging Science

Dr. Adriaan Viljoen, MD, MBChB, CFPC, MCFP and Ramel Gutierrez, Director of Operations, for VMediSpa & ModifyBody have been cordially invited by Vivacy (vivacy.eu) to attend this year’s IMCAS – International Master Course on Aging Science in Paris.

Dr. V. is looking forward to analyzing innovative technical procedures and discovering cutting edge products and devices, while Ramel will explore up-to-the-minute marketing and management approaches.

This will be a rich and comprehensive three-day program. Dr. V. will in turn bring back to his practice and patients a complete suite of the latest advances in our domain.

In addition to the hundreds of the world’s experts and innovators sharing their insights, IMCAS Annual World Congress will also host 250 international exhibiting companies. Dr. V. is looking forward to reconnecting and networking with world leaders in the industry as well as new friends and colleagues, while gaining up-to-the-minute knowledge of our cosmetic field.

We will be bringing some state-of-the-art treatments to our practice and are looking forward to sharing them all with our clients upon our return!

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