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For the past 18 years with the leadership of our medical director and owner, Dr W Adriaan Viljoen, continue to strive to bring cutting edge technology devices, single and combination treatment therapy plans, and wellness protocols to serve our guests to achieve 'The Best Version of You'!

Our goal is to create an environment where we utilize the talent and trained skills of all our providers be it DrV aka VampireDctr himself or our team of paramedical aestheticians who take pride and care to ensure that we present the best possible treatment plans to achieve the desired end result for you. In conjunction to VMEDISPA, we also have our training company, VConcepts (vconcepts_yyc) where DrV working alongside Ramel Gutierrez, Director of Operations have created a training facility environment where training certification and hands-on experience is offered to all medical designated professionals for Botox & Dermal Filler as well as THE VAMPIRE SUITE - as DrV is the only doctor in Canada that can train these treatments/procedures to incorporate into existing medical aesthetics clinic and add to the provider's repertoire.

For any additional information about our facilities and what have to offer, contact us at: info@anrconcepts.ca

Dr. Adriaan Viljoen

Introducing - The Vampire Doctor

DrV has a mission – that is to share his knowledge and experience, with new medical professionals that desire to excel in the aesthetic medicine space throughout Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the United States as well as International.

Dr W. Adriaan Viljoen – aka DrAdVil or DrV, as his patients and clients know him in Calgary has been in the aesthetics industry for the past 21 yrs.

He entered the aesthetics arena very early on with the introduction of Botox to the market.  He continues to refine his craft and helping his clients/patients, focusing on emotional facial injections.

Investing time and education through continued training from all over the world to meet and learn from the industry leaders, DrV’s focus now is to give back to the aesthetics industry his knowledge as well as sharing new innovative developments, new technology and treatment techniques.

Aside from being a very experienced and trained injector for Neuromodulators such as Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport as well as with Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm, Stylage, Prollenium, and Belotero, DrV holds training certification courses monthly under his training company VConcepts, as well as travels throughout Canada, the U.S. and around the world connecting with industry peers, exchanging ideas, understanding and reviewing new treatment methodologies in aesthetics, focusing in training medical professionals in the art of facial beautification and treatments such as the Vampire Facelift® and Vampire Facial®, Vampire Breast Lift®, O-shot®, Vampire WingLift®, Vampire Hair Regrowth® and the Priapus (aka P-shot®) trademarked by Dr Charles Runels.

*Note:  Dr W Adriaan Viljoen is also the only medical director in Canada that Charles Runels have approved to train medical designated professionals to add the VAMPIRE treatments/procedures to their medical practices and clinics.

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Expert Staff

Our qualified team of medical doctors, nurse practitioners and technicians ensure that your treatment is safe and effective.

Continual training is at the foundation of VMediSpa’s success, ensuring our highly experienced staff are kept abreast of the newest technology and breakthroughs. Our methods are carefully researched and assessed prior to introduction to ensure you benefit from the latest innovations.