Medispa services for your Face

Correction of Anatomical Abnormalities

​If you are not happy with the shape of your nose or chin; if one brow is higher than the other; if your lips are not even; the great news is that surgery is no longer your only option for fixing these anatomical anomalies! We can do some pretty amazing work using Botox (to relax some muscles that are working too hard) and hyuloronic acid fillers (to create another shape). Ask us about the 15 minute nose job! We can also recreate earlobes - you would be surprised at the anti-aging effect that has.

Services for the Face

Treatments for Correction of Anatomical Abnormalities

Traditional Services

These are traditional 'spa' services performed by an experienced practitioner.

Medical Services

All medical services are always performed by a Doctor or Registered Nurse.