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Restoration for Thinning Hair

​For hair loss we offer PRP treatments. PRP injections in the scalp stimulate bulb cells at base of the hair and the surrounding micro circulation. Vitality, colour and brightness of your hair are enhanced. Hair loss is slowed and new growth is activated.

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Treatments for Restoration for Thinning Hair

Medical Services

All medical services are always performed by a Doctor or Registered Nurse.

Recommended Products

Products for Restoration for Thinning Hair

Environ® Skin Care

Developed by Dr. Des Fernandes in Cape Town, South Africa, Environ® skin products are a leader in skin care. Environ® was the first line of skin care products to introduce high doses Vitamin A into their products specifically designed to combat ageing and correct skin irregularities caused by environmental factors. Vitamin A is widely considered the “skin vitamin”. Aside from protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultra-violet irradiation and free radicals, it is proven that vitamin A has a corrective effect on skin, promoting collagen and elastin production and normalizing pigmentation. Furthermore, Vitamin A helps to prevent and reverse established photo-ageing and to improve hydration, while improving the natural moisturizing factors of the skin.