Modify Body Weight Loss Program

A low calorie diet with pain-free, intra muscular injections of hormones.

How does the Modify Body Weight Loss Program work?

Modify Body Weight Loss Program stimulates the hypothalamus gland to mobilize the fixed/abnormal fat from storage locations, enabling it to become the primary energy source for the body, while retaining muscle mass and structural fat.

Virtually anyone who wants to lose weight in Calgary can sign up for the program! Modify Body Weight Loss Program is safe and effective for men and women at any age after puberty.

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Will it work for me?

With the Modify Body Weight Loss Program, patients typically lose half to one pound of abnormal fat per day, occasionally more. Patients are to remain on the program for 26 days. If target weight loss is not reached within 26 days, patients may repeat the program after a 6 week “break”. The injections are very tolerable – A medical professional will instruct patients how to perform the injections properly. Injections can be administered anywhere on the body, however, the front of the thighs and stomach are preferable.

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